Astrology Is Nonsense

Randi, Stephen Fry, and the professional astronomer are right, I did an academic study of astrology at University in the late seventies, early eighties and it is absolute tosh and an insult to the intelligence. I don’t know why the video is so chopped up, though. The best part where the astrologer gives a totally ludicrous analysis of Hugh Laurie that had everyone laughing their little cotton socks off has mysteriously vanished. Perhaps the spirits whisked it away, but it looks more like a clumsy effort on the part off the uploader to edit the piece to make it appear more favourable to astrology. This backfires when another astrologer attempts to line up married women with whom they are really most compatible, and when it all goes pear shaped, the women ‘shown’ to be compatible with men other than their husbands, she stupidly says: “Well that just goes to show that people can get along with anyone if they make the effort!” So what use is astrology if people can get along with anyone regardless of their horoscopes? It’s also a terrible recording. And if you’re going to believe Nina Myskow I despair of you! She was so obviously trying to make her reading fit. “An important relationship?”
“Yes, I found a new therapist that year who I stayed with for seven years.” Crap, all of it.


About Zoe Nightingale

I am a writer of short stories, novels, poetry and non fiction.
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2 Responses to Astrology Is Nonsense

  1. Bryan says:

    Amen! Love it. If you do find the original, please post it.

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