Sour Milk and Honey

Why do we say pain killer not pain soother

isn’t it better to let pain leave

in its own time than give it cause

to dig in its heels?

No room for pain

so it pushes and shoves

next we’re expected to move out

so it can have more elbowroom.

I didn’t expect this

not ten years ago

not five

not even last year

I’m expected to be British

wash it down

with a nice cup of tea

milk and honey

shrug it all off and move on

a long line of refugees

and they cut us all and

squeeze us out

till the pips squeak’

and sneer at us moaners

who want the cup to pass

but it’s bitter on the tongue

I remember a sweeter time


About Zoe Nightingale

I am a writer of short stories, novels, poetry and non fiction.
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