The D.M. Murdock (Acharya S) Give Forward Fund For Her Fight Against Cancer.

I am asking people to have a thought for cancer sufferers, but in particular, for this warm and dazzlingly brilliant lady, a prolific writer of challenging articles and books, who is fighting a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer, and with every chance of success. However winning this fight relies on her continuing to pay for treatment, which in America, is expensive. With the help of friends, she has established a fund to pay for her treatment. This fund has raised $52,490 so far, which is 70% of the $75,000 she needs for her treatment. She makes very little from the sale of her books and she needs every dollar she can get to continue her treatment. Whether you have heard of her, you almost certainly know someone who lost the fight with cancer. Please help her to win that fight by giving as as much as you can. Every dollar helps. Please help make every dollar count.
Click on the link to donate:

Thank you in the name of kindness and humanity and love.

Zoe Butler, (Zawiasaki).

Sadly, I have to report that this woman died on Christmas Day. She was only 54 and had so much more to offer.

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I am a writer of short stories, novels, poetry and non fiction.
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