Bottling It.

Yeah yeah, these stoopid people again, paying money for what comes out of a tap, free. There is just one thing that people never seem to think about. Occasionally, I buy bottled water. And I don’t care if it is tap water. The water from my tap at home tastes terrible, and sometimes it smells ‘earthy’. Old plumbing is like that. I can drink tea or coffee made with water from my tap. I like water, I like drinking water, but not water from my own tap. I’ve only had this problem since I moved house. If I go to a cafe or restaurant I happily drink their water. The water at a local restaurant tastes sweet by comparison to mine. It’s just my own tap water that tastes downright nasty. It’s harmless, it just doesn’t taste nice. Some people cannot actually drink tap water — any tap water — and prefer to add something to it, like orange cordial. I know people who love that Volvnic flavoured water for that reason. It’s all a matter of taste. So those who drink ‘mineral water’ are not necessarily being stupid, gullible people who won’t listen when clever people tell them that it’s only bottled tap water. That said, it is very overpriced. In many places, tap water is ‘free’. But in others it is metered, and does cost the person who bottles it something, plus the cost of labour, machinery, rental, etc. There is an alternative, however. Carry a water bottle with you — the type bicyclists use — and try asking at a coffee house (or where ever) if you can have it filled. It’s a reasonable request.They may charge a little for ‘corkage’, but it’s hardly likely to be much. Practise this phrase: “I am willing to pay a reasonable charge, but will you kindly fill this bottle with water from your tap?” If more people did that, we would ‘normalise’ it and we would stop wasting so much of our resources on bottled water. We all bear this responsibility. It’s a thing about our culture and it’s not trivial. If we all carried a little water bottle and asked people to fill it, at a reasonable charge, think how much we’d save in costs and how much waste plastic would NOT end up in landfills, and worse, in the sea where it harms precious life.


About Zoe Nightingale

I am a writer of short stories, novels, poetry and non fiction.
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