Hypocrite, Yes. Dead, No.

If like me you are a Vegan, you probably will be told (or have been told) by your doctor that you will be missing Vitamin B12 and that you MUST eat eggs to make sure you get B12 or you will suffer the consequences. “There just are no good plant sources of B12” they insist. And they may well poo poo multivitamins and other synthetic substitutes. And they do seem like cheating, after all. And I must admit, the multivitamins I buy smell a bit like bad eggs, so I am a little suspicious about them. Look, I’m not rigid about this, if I have to, I will eat the occasional egg — to stay alive. After all, I use Gouache paints, and egg white is used in their production. And not to mention the flu jab which, I am told, uses egg white in its preparation — see? To stay alive. And my main reason for being Vegan is, after all, for my health. Call me a hypocrite, if you like. I don’t care. Hell! I call myself a hypocrite. It can send one spare, trying to cover all the bases.
But be that as it may, I’ve recently found one possible solution. We already know that bananas are good for us. Well, it turns out that the banana skins we tend to throw away are loaded with Vitamin B12! So, there you are. They’re not that bad. Just chop them up and mix them in with your smoothie or soup or whatever, along with the Kale and other things that do us good and don’t taste very good. Problem solved! 😀

Here is the source of this notion about banana skin, http://metro.co.uk/2015/09/30/this-is-why-you-should-be-eating-your-banana-peel-5414205/ Not very scientific, I must admit. I hope I don’t slip on it and come a cropper. 😉


About Zoe Nightingale

I am a writer of short stories, novels, poetry and non fiction.
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