Back to the Future Day. 

I am not against progress by any means, but hover boards aside, I am sure that postal deliveries were much better when we just had the GPO. All these newfangled companies are always losing my parcels. What’s more, when I talk to them online, they are clearly working from a script, or are automated in some electronic way. In my experience, the only one that still has human beings working for it is ParcelForce, which I think is only the GPO or rather Royal Mail in slight disguise. I know what all these fly-by-night companies (and the Government) are hoping. Give it a few years and all the old fogies (like me) who can still remember the GPO will have died off. The current Government is hoping for the same thing with the NHS. Well all I can say is that with all the technology they’ve got nowadays, communications ought to be better. I’ve just been on the telephone to a real person, at ParcelForce, who told me that they’d missed, “Ground Floor Flat” off my delivery address, but she rang up the van driver and gave him directions and he’s going to redeliver. Now that’s not difficult, is it? It is if you’ve only got automated services and call centres. Back to the sodding future? Pah!


About Zoe Nightingale

I am a writer of short stories, novels, poetry and non fiction.
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