No Such Thing as the Dark Side of the Moon.

This is just a quickie. People who used to follow my old Facebook page will know that I was tough on woo, tough on the causes of woo. So here’s one that I’m always hearing and I’m often, well, fairly often, too polite to correct. Despite a whole Album by Pink Floyd and the phrase being bandied around by the media, there really is no ‘dark side of the moon. There’s a far side that we never see, but that far side gets just as much light as the other side. Garry Larson had it right with his ‘Farside’ humour. He never called it, ‘The Darkside’, even though, as humor goes, he was pretty dark. It’s just our natural human narcissism that makes us think that if we can’t see something that it is occulted, that is, dark and mysterious. Nor is it true that the moon does not rotate like the earth. It does, but it rotates so that we only ever see one side.

This piece explains it all really well,


About Zoe Nightingale

I am a writer of short stories, novels, poetry and non fiction.
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