Yesterday’s World

Yesterday, I saw Jurassic World.
It was OK. I can’t say that it really impressed me as much as the original, Jurassic Park. But it was clever. Too much CGI, and the story was roughly similar to Jurassic Park too. What I did notice was that the film was a bit self conscious. In order to save Jurassic World from a decline in interest, and a — dare I say it? — a dated concept, they played mix and match with the dinosaur genes they had and cloned a a more exciting but less real dinosaur. In the same way, the producers, in order to save the franchise from a decline in interest came up with a meaner dinosaur. The self-consciousness extended to the way the characters talked about the dinosaurs. Dr Woo (apt name!) admitted that the dinosaurs in the park were not real dinosaurs, but adaptations. In fact, the weak science is really starting to show. The velociraptors and the T Rex should have been covered in feathers. You cannot extract blood from mosquitoes trapped in amber that way. And even if you could, where would the DNA be? Not in the red corpuscles; they have no nuclei. So that’s a blind alley. And even if you managed to extract any DNA from the mosquito, it would be so fragmented that not even a thousand Cray Supercomputers could stitch it together again. And frog DNA to fill in the gaps? Nah! The truth is that Jurassic World is a dated story with dated science stitched together with pseudoscience. It’s fun, but it isn’t science fiction; where’s the science? Even the animals are impossible. The pterosaurs could never snatch a full grown human being from the ground and fly off with them. The only pterosaur that could manage that would be a quetzalcoatlus, but the pterosaurs shown in Jurassic World were overlarge rhamphorhynchuses and dimorphodons. And here’s the kicker. The Mosasaurus was far too big. It was Godzilla size. And there’s a clue to the whole thing. Godzilla (2014) was a tough act to follow. And Jurassic World was playing catch up, that was painfully obvious. But, go to see it. Enjoy it. But if you take your kids, don’t be surprised if they keep saying: “Dumb!”; “Doh!”; and “Fail!” just like we did when we were kids and watched lizards with glued on spikes fighting baby alligators with stuck on horns. Dinosaur movies have gone full cycle. The high point was Jurassic Park. Now it’s downhill all the way. And when it comes down to it…
Jurassic World is so yesterday!


About Zoe Nightingale

I am a writer of short stories, novels, poetry and non fiction.
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