Twelve Things you didn’t know about Frankenstein, (but thought you did).

1) He was not a baron.
2) Or a count.
3) Or a doctor.
4) He did not live in a castle.
5) He was not called Henry.
6) His father was not a baron, either.
7) He did not have an assistant called Igor.
8) Or Fritz.
9) He was not called, Frankenstein, (not if he was the monster, that is).
10) He did not rob graves.
11 Nor did he stitch together corpses, (as far as we can tell).
12) If you’d read the book instead of watching tacky films or believing everything you hear or read on the Internet, you’d know all this, you illiterate Philistine. (kidding). 


He was an alchemist, following in the footsteps of Paracelsus, not a scientist or surgeon.
He raided charnel houses rather than cemeteries, but his method of creating his creature is not described, only that he bungled it.
He was, (in the words of the title page)’The Modern Prometheus’. Prometheus ‘stole fire from the gods’ and thus enabled the first humans to cook and eat meat. Mrs Shelley clearly believed this was a ‘bad thing’. She evidently thought we should go back to eating raw fruit and veg and living as nature intended.
His name means, ‘French Rock’, presumablement, c’est un band Gothique.

See how much you miss by not reading the book?


About Zoe Nightingale

I am a writer of short stories, novels, poetry and non fiction.
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