The Rules of Life : Number One.

Whenever you join a beginners’ class, be it Beginners’ Badminton, Beginners Guitar, or Beginners’ French, the minute you walk through the door it will be obvious from the whistle of multiple flying shuttlecocks, the tuneful twanging of many guitars, or a sound like the jabbering curb-side crowd at the Tour De France, that YOU are the only beginner in town.
You came because you were interested in starting a new hobby, but all the others had a quite different idea; join the beginners’ class so as to not feel embarrassed at having forgotten so much. Well, thanks a bunch, clever clogs! I’ve just wasted good money enrolling on a useless course, useless because I can’t find anyone to partner me and I spend the whole of the only session I ever go to, feeling like a complete gobdaw, wondering what I’m going to do with the brand new judo suit or — worse still — the sequinned dress I just spent my entire month’s budget on. And of course, I’ve enrolled on my own, because a substantial part of the reason for going on these courses is to meet someone.
I suppose that’s my mistake. For me it’s a social occasion, I never really wanted to learn Latin American dancing, or play badminton, or prepare a Taiwanese dinner party. I wanted to get off with someone — preferably the tutor.


About Zoe Nightingale

I am a writer of short stories, novels, poetry and non fiction.
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