What would it take for me to like the Royal family? Surprisingly little, actually.

You know, I was watching Bargain Hunt, and there was this pair of Staffordshire pot zebras. And the auctioneer said what they all say about Staffordshire porcelain: “Ten years or so ago, this would have fetched a good price, but they’ve fallen out of favour now, which is a shame.” And this pair of pot zebras that the contestants bought for £150 sold for only forty or so.

This highlights the thing that really annoys me about the Royal Family.

All they have to do is make a tacit gesture, such as put down on a Royal Wedding gift list: “Any good pieces of fine, Staffordshire porcelain” and the value of Staffordshire pottery would shoot up overnight. That would be more noble and admirable than any of Charles’s fanciful, snobbish Pontifications about organic food or modern architecture, and those embarrassing times he sticks his massive conk in where it’s not wanted! If they quietly let it be known that they valued British craftsmanship, that would do untold good.

And we’d love them for it for their shining out as human beings, not for being remnants of some ancient way of life that ought to be retired by now. 


About Zoe Nightingale

I am a writer of short stories, novels, poetry and non fiction.
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