Can We Stop Climate Change?

What I am about to say will probably ruffle a lot of well meaning people’s feathers. I’m not arrogant enough to think that I’m right. I might be wrong, I’m not afraid of people calling me an idiot or laughing at my presumption. This is not even my idea. I am simply pulling together a few suggestions other people have made that – as far  as I know – have not been linked before. 


1) We can’t undo man made global warming by ‘reducing our carbon footprint’ or ‘Cap and Trade’ carbon taxes, etc. So let’s not bother. Let’s concentrate on what can be done: dealing with specific issues like famine, AIDS and other disease; projects in the third world such as educational outreach, books etc.; irrigation and water purification. 


2) Let’s stop kidding ourselves that wind-farms or solar energy are going to replace fossil fuels any time soon – if ever. Looking for ‘renewable sources of energy’ is moonshine. What we really need to do is to replace fossil fuel energy stations with nuclear reactors and as much as possible, internal combustion powered cars with electric or hybrid vehicles. 


3) Along with this, we need to help other, developing countries – like Iraq, Afghanistan and the far Eastern countries too – to develop their own nuclear programme, to build nuclear reactors. I believe, that if countries in the East all generated nuclear power, that they would modernise and overthrow their despotic dictators. Only by raising these unstable, underdeveloped countries up will we ever solve the problems of international terrorism.


4) There are some suggested ways of dealing with localised global warming. For example, painting the tops of buildings and roads and pavements white would stop cities overheating or at least slow down the trend. We need to do this, by the way, because if we don’t, there are going to be far worse heat waves in decades – if not years – to come. 


If we were to do all this, I am suggesting, the amount of CO2 emissions we are putting into the atmosphere would begin to fall, simply because of the phasing out of fossil fuels. Eventually, the CO2 content of the atmosphere would fall too, washed out of the atmosphere by rain.


This is not something I am campaigning for. I am merely suggesting that we consider all the alternatives. As I started by saying, I may be wrong, I often am. If I am wrong, prove it to me; not by shouting me down or throwing out a few platitudes or generalisations of the ‘it would only make things worse’ variety. Point me to where these specific arguments have been effectively rebutted in academic journals and I will stand corrected. 

Post Script: It turns out I was wrong in one or two places. Can you see where?


About Zoe Nightingale

I am a writer of short stories, novels, poetry and non fiction.
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